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Which programming language is best for selenium webdriver browser automation

Many businesses choose Selenium for testing web applications. It’s interesting to note that Selenium supports a wide range of programming languages for automation testing.

A Brief Guide on Cross-Browser and Parallel Testing

In this technological world, several inventions have been booming, creating a surge among people.

Developing mobile enterprise application in 2023

Mobile enterprise app sales are anticipated to reach $262.52 billion in 2028; the CAGR from 2021 to 2028 is 15.2%.

Discover the best tools for Performance Testing

Losing customers means losing business. Who wants to drop his revenue streams? Of course no one.

Types Of IT Outsourcing Models: How To Choose The Best One?

Suppose you are a beginner developer and want to establish your IT firm.

Mobile testing

Mobile testing is the process of ensuring that a mobile app or website works properly and fulfils the expectations of the user.

Why is Manual Testing Not Sufficient For Continuous Delivery

Software development professionals often use continuous delivery. The introduction of new app code is streamlined by automation.