Top 5 Best Performance Testing Tools


Losing customers means losing business. Who wants to drop his revenue streams? Of course no one. When you put your feet into the IT world, the scenario has no difference. A software house develops various solutions for diverse clients. Before delivering, it tends to ensure its quality to get rid of any business loss.

Software quality assurance is possible through different types of testing. Performance testing is one of its main components that is crucial after software development. It determines speed, scalability, and stability instead of bug detection.

For performance testing, you have to utilize some identical tools. Check them out.


Load Ninja

It is a cloud-based testing tool powered by specific protocols, HTTP, HTTPS, SAP GUI Web, WebSocket, Java-based protocol, Google Web Toolkit, and Oracle forms. First, it has VU debuggers that allow real-time debug tests. Next, it describes users' activity and analytics with comprehensive reports. Then, scriptless load tests happen with Load Ninja. Overall, it is the best tool to adopt to check the performance of any app.


With Native JavaScript scripting, it has the stamina to test any web technology. Empowers with correlation engine, it provides flexibility for creating a testing environment. For bottleneck detection, it automates the entire process. WebLOAD enables load creation on the cloud and on-promise.


Powered by Microfocus, Load Runner is an excellent choice when users for its utilization are more. It identifies smaller to bigger performance errors accurately. On the browser, you can also get access to and test your web projects besides its application running. It supports all protocols and assists in the load generator farm.

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is an ultimate tool which compatible with all Java-based applications. It does not demand comprehensive scripting. Through charts and graphs, it gives you an opportunity to take a deep insight into performance checking. Then, the management of load injectors is easy to handle by a solo controller. For web tests, you can use this tool.

Silk Performer

Having customer-friendly licensing, Silk performer holds up server monitoring. If anyone wants to be its controller, the license is not a prerequisite. Further, it keeps an eye on the project approach and implements performance testing strategies according to it. Server monitoring and modifying virtual users are its outstanding testing features.

Which Performance Tool is the Best for Use?

Every performance tool has its own benefits. We cannot deny the importance of any specific device. However, we have to decide acquisition of a performance tool very carefully for accomplishing a testing task.

For this purpose, you can check the above tools.

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