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Headless eCommerce is transforming the way businesses approach their online presence, and CodeAutomation.ai is at the forefront with our Shopify Headless Services using Sanity. This service decouples the front-end from the back-end of your Shopify store, allowing for unprecedented flexibility, speed, and customization. Using Sanity as the Content Management System (CMS), businesses can easily manage and deliver content across multiple platforms without compromising on user experience or design. Our solution enhances website performance, boosts SEO, and enables personalized customer experiences that drive sales and growth.

Tools & Technology



As a robust eCommerce platform, Shopify handles all backend commerce functionalities.



A flexible, real-time CMS that allows for structured content management and seamless integration with Shopify.



Used for building a dynamic and responsive front-end.



Serves as the server-side platform to manage the interactions between Shopify’s backend and the React front-end.



Enables optimized data fetching, essential for the headless setup.

Example Value of Service (Use Cases)

Multi-platform Content Syndication

Manage product information and content that automatically syncs across all customer touchpoints.

Custom User Experiences

Develop unique shopping experiences tailored to different user segments.

Rapid Market Adaptation

Quickly adjust UI/UX in response to marketing tests or emerging trends without backend overhauls.

Enhanced Performance

Improved site speed and user experience, leading to better conversion rates.

SEO Advantages

Enhanced control over SEO elements like metadata, structured data, and URL management.


Easily scale content and eCommerce functionality without platform constraints.

Security Enhancements

Separation of front and back ends enhances overall security.

Localization and Internationalization

Effortlessly create localized versions of your site for different regions.

Typical Project Cycle Stages

Discovery & Analysis

Budget & Planning

Design & Development

QA & Delivery

Support & Maintenance

Continuous Improvement

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Service Options


    Proof of Concept (POC)

    Time & Materials

    Fixed Cost Projects

    Managed Services

    Staff Augmentation

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Leverage CodeAutomation.ai's expertise to transform your Shopify store with our Headless Services using Sanity. Enhance flexibility, increase speed, and provide superior user experiences that drive your business forward.

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