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At CodeAutomation, we specialize in innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that transform businesses across various industries. By bridging the gap between physical devices and digital platforms, our services enable enhanced connectivity, smarter decision-making, and superior efficiency. Our tailored IoT solutions span from device integration and data analytics to fully managed IoT ecosystems, driving growth and innovation at every step.

Technology & Tools



Utilize AWS’s managed cloud platform to connect and manage billions of IoT devices, analyze data, and perform reliable and secure device interactions.

Azure iot

Azure IoT

Leverage Microsoft's integrated suite that enables seamless setup, management, and operation of IoT devices at scale.

IBM iot


Deploy IBM's IoT solutions to transform operations with AI-powered insights and real-time data processing.


Python & Node.js

For backend services that process IoT data and manage device connectivity.


React & Angular

For developing dynamic front-end applications that display IoT data analytics in real-time.


MQTT & HTTP Protocols

For device communication to ensure reliable data transfer.

Example Value of Service (Use Cases)

Sensor and Device Integration

Enable real-time data collection for automated decision-making across all business facets.

IoT Platforms and Ecosystems

Build robust platforms managing interconnected devices and data streams for holistic insights.

Data Analytics and Insights

Drive business process optimization through actionable intelligence from IoT data.

Edge Computing

Enhance responsiveness and reduce latency by processing data closer to where it is generated.

Security and Compliance

Secure IoT architectures and ensure compliance with global data protection regulations.

Smart Building and Infrastructure

Optimize energy usage and improve security with IoT-integrated building management systems.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Enhance manufacturing efficiency through predictive maintenance and operational oversight.

Connected Products

Create innovative, data-enabled products enhancing customer experiences and opening new revenue streams.

Healthcare IoT

Advance patient care through real-time health monitoring and efficient medical equipment management.

Smart City Initiatives

Elevate urban life quality with IoT solutions managing traffic, utilities, and emergency services.

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Transform your business landscape with CodeAutomation’s IoT solutions. As your partner in innovation, we ensure that IoT technology not only connects but also profoundly transforms every aspect of your operations.

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